Paying Subs

Subs are £40/term

You are now able to pay your subs by standing order, spreading the payments across 12 months of the year. Instead of £40/term for 3 terms, subs will be £10/month. We would encourage you to use this method as it makes administration so much easier so we can spend more time devising cunning activities for our Cubs and less time chasing sub payments. If you still need to pay by cash cheque, please let Ruth Knight know, cheques should be made payable to 280th Norton Scout Group.

To set up your standing order, you can either do it online if you do online banking using the information below, or print off this form and take it into your bank.  Whichever option you choose, please ensure that you use the letter ‘C’ followed by your child’s name as the reference or we will be unable to identify your payment in our accounts.

Payee:                     280 St James Norton Scouts
Sort Code:              20-76-89
Account Number:  40835331
Bank & Branch:     Barclays PLC, Sheffield City Branch

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