Swimming Courses through scouts

New swimming courses starting Sunday 5th February.

Sheaf district group  are running some swimming courses again.  If you are interested please complete the appropriate form for the course you are interested and return directly to Barry Hocking.

Learn to swim
We are splitting this course into two levels, Beginners and Improvers.  Beginners is intended for those unable to swim one length (25m of the Graves Pool) and based on levels 1 to 4 of the ASA learn to swim awards.  The Improver course is for those able to swim a length, but who need to improve the quality of their strokes, their stamina and confidence to work in deep water.  The improver course will be working towards achieving the Scout Swimmer badge Stage 2.  See the attachment for the levels of the Scout Swimmer badge.

Places will be limited so please make sure to apply early to ensure a place.

If your child is on the current Learn to Swim course talk to their teacher about which course they think is the best for your child.

ASA Personal Survival Awards
This course aims to teach children water safety and what to do if the worst happens and they unexpectedly find themselves in the water.  The courses are split in to Level 1 and Level 2.  We would suggest that Level 1 is for Beavers and Cubs and level 2 for Scouts (or Beavers and Cubs who have already passed Level 1).

Both courses require the children to swim in normal clothes, not pyjamas.  It is strongly recommended that clothes are brought from week one.  The course only lasts for four weeks and sometimes it requires some experimentation to find what hypes of clothes are best.  We would suggest avoiding denim jeans, (heavy and stiff when wet); wool and heavy weight fleeces (these will get very heavy when water logged) and anything with fleecy linings (tracky bottoms).

Stroke awards
We last ran this course in 2015; it is aimed at good swimmers who want to improve the quality of their strokes and learn how to do things like racing starts and racing turns.  We will be working towards the ASA’s stroke awards.  See the ASA web site: http://www.swimming.org/learntoswim/asa-rainbow-stroke-awards/

Children’s University
Reminder – we are now a ‘Learning Destination’ for the Children’s University in Sheffield.  If your child is already taking part in this elsewhere let us know and they will earn credits for each session attended.  If you are not already enrolled we can sell you a passport (£2) see Bob Teasdale on a Sunday evening at the pool.

We are now using the Group Changing rooms so please make sure your child is aware of where they are.  We go in to change at 6:55 pm to be sure to get as  much pool time as possible so do try to be at the pool well before that to register.  We need to know who we have in the pool for Health and Safety purposes and if you are earning credits for the children’s university it is your responsibility to make sure you have been marked present at each session.

Barrie Hocking

Stroke improvement 2017
Form letter personal survival 2017
Swimming Courses Beginners Feb-17
Swimming Courses Improvers Feb-17
Scout Swimmer badge requirements

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