Subs – changes to amount and late payment management

At the last 280th St James Norton Scout Group committee meeting a decision was taken to raise subs for £40/term to ensure we can continue to provide a great experience for your children.  This will come into effect from 1st January 2016.

If you pay subs by monthly standing order, this means that your standing order will increase from £8.75/month to £10/month.  As we have all set up a standing order not direct debits, we cannot automatically increase the amount on your behalf and you will need to organise the new rate directly with your bank.

If you pay subs termly by cash or cheque, subs are payable on the first day back in September, the first day back after Christmas break, and the first day back after easter break.  You need to be aware that from January 2016 subs are due within two weeks of the start of term and if not paid, then your Cub will not be able to attend until subs payments are up to date.

Of course, as ever, if you are having difficulty paying your subs, then please come and chat to one of the leaders.

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